Does Your Sensitive Toothpaste Contain Potassium Nitrate, A Key Ingredient in Gunpowder?

The leading sensitive toothpaste companies spend a considerable amount of money marketing their brands of toothpaste with a promise to help relieve sensitivity – but are they telling you everything you and your family need to know to make a safe and healthy decision?

One of the main chemicals in many leading sensitivity toothpastes is Potassium Nitrate, a primary ingredient in gunpowder, fertilizers and rocket fuel. It sounds unbelievable, but an easy way to check if your sensitivity toothpaste has it is by scanning the toothpaste’s ingredients on the back of the packaging and finding the words “Potassium Nitrate”. Many of the leading sensitive toothpastes contain 5% potassium nitrate in their formulation. These packages also carry FDA-mandated 4-week-use warning labels.

What is Potassium Nitrate?

Potassium Nitrate, whose chemical symbol is KN03, also goes by the name saltpeter, and has been a key constituent in gunpowder since the Chinese discovered its explosive properties over 2,000 years ago.

Over the years, Potassium Nitrate was mixed into sensitivity toothpastes to act as a desensitizing agent and is now widely used and promoted by many of the leading sensitivity brands to relieve sensitivity.

But How Did Potassium Nitrate Get Into My Toothpaste?

Potassium Nitrate, besides being the catalyst for explosives, can also act as a desensitizing agent. This approach can work to block the sensation of pain. However, there are potential side effects to this approach. To warn consumers of the risks of potassium nitrate, the FDA requires every sensitive toothpaste carton using potassium nitrate to be clearly marked with a 4-week-use warning label.

How Can I Avoid Brushing With Potassium Nitrate (KN03)?

Our recommendation is to avoid worrisome ingredients whenever possible.  This is just common sense. We also recommend trying a natural alternative for soothing sensitivity first. AloeSense Naturally Soothing Toothpaste, with a proprietary blend of Aloe PLUS Allantoin, helps soothe sensitivity and is a great alternative for patients and consumers searching for a natural sensitivity option. AloeSense formulas never contain Potassium Nitrate (KN03). In addition, with its American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance, AloeSense Naturally Soothing Toothpaste is a great everyday family use toothpaste.

Are you suffering with tooth, mouth or gum sensitivity? Is it a combination?

Also, it’s important to remember that sensitivity comes in many forms, whether it is tooth, mouth or gum sensitivity. Things like whitening strips and peroxides can cause immediate tooth and gum sensitivity while dental work, braces and retainers can be sources of painful mouth sensitivity as well. And, considering there are an estimated 64 million Americans suffering with gum disease, many dealing with painful soft-tissue sensitivity, it’s a good idea to identify the actual source of the sensitivity so that you can address it properly with the right sensitivity product.

Practice Common Sense: Avoid Scary Chemicals Whenever Possible!

It is truly unbelievable that many of the leading toothpaste brands utilize ingredients like triclosan, plastic microbeads, and potassium nitrate in their formulas. Today’s consumers focused on health and wellness are getting smarter and increasingly considering more natural, healthier and safer options to address their sensitivity.

Just Say ‘NO’ To Potassium Nitrate – Soothe Your Sensitivity Naturally!

AloeSense, with Aloe PLUS Allantoin, is a healthy, safe and efficacious alternative to legacy sensitivity toothpastes that are still using Potassium Nitrate (KN03). In today’s world of toxic ingredients and big-company marketing, we think natural is your best first option.